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Re: New forum suggestions/Feedback

GigAHerZ wrote on Yesterday, 18:26: No. This forum uses custom bitmap for cursor that does not scale based on operating system's settings. That is not true, the custom cursor does scale with the global scaling options on Windows 11, for example. 100% scaling: Filename Clipboard02.png File size 3.33 …

Re: New forum suggestions/Feedback

And it's only gotten worse, on 4k displays I can barely even see the cursor. Which is definitely a scaling problem with your operating system, because I can see it just fine on my 4K monitor (Chrome, Windows 11). Although I do agree that not having an option to use the regular system cursor is a …

Re: Cursor size on Vogons

It was a problem with DPI scaling on Windows for a while and I remember Edge browser (the original one) not supporting cursor scaling properly. Those should all be things of the past now. Do you have any DPI scaling active? The cursor comes from these styles applied to various elements: @media …

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