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Re: IBM ThinkPad A30 - Best OS?

Vany wrote on 2020-02-15, 15:30: I was planning on putting Windows 98SE on it but there's no drivers for that os. Yes there are: https://thinkpads.com/support/Thinkpad-Driver … /ddfm/A30p.html Just choose ME as the OS and all the Win98 drivers will show up.

Re: Style problems/bugs

I just noticed that the Active Topics page has a really odd linebreak on mobile devices. I feel slightly triggered by this. Maybe it can be fixed? 😄 Filename Screenshot_20200126-022131_Chrome.png File size 251.82 KiB Views 78 views

Re: Welcome to the updated VOGONS

It's because VOGONS runs on HTTPS, but the image is embedded via HTTP. So your browser doesn't load it for security reasons. I think that's been mentioned before, but the thread is already very lengthy and I can't find the post. It also seems like Chrome still tries to load the image via HTTPS …

Re: A few thoughts on life, the universe and everything

Is there actual function behind the next rare audiocard you are on the hunt for or do you want it simply because others have it? Does playing retro games give you satisfaction by itself, or are you doing it because it makes you feel special? This forum and the rigs of other users surely had some …

Re: Best Drivers for GeForce4 MX-440

I switched from a GF 4800SE to a Radeon 9500XT because that's actually running cooler and with better performance (Antialiasing, hooray!). I've yet to find a game it doesn't work with. So that's my favorite Windows 98 GPU, for now at least. (I'm sure there's something it doesn't run with and I will …

Re: Style problems/bugs

cyclone3d wrote on 2020-01-14, 22:24: How do we use smileys now? Already answered: bfcastello wrote on 2020-01-14, 18:24: Snover mentioned that you can now use the emojis available on your OS (for starters, smartphones offer them, and macOS do have them) but dunno about Windows and Linux. …

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