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Re: Retro PC challenge!

Rhuwyn, thanks! I actually moved things around a bit. Changed CPU to Pentium III-S 1400Mhz (finally!). Decided to switch PC case to more, let me say, "domesticated" version plus different PSU. Now it is finished and I'm quite happy about it! The PC turned to be relatively quiet and cool too. Well, …

Re: Retro PC challenge!

I bought and installed Aureal Vortex 2 (5.5$) https://newauctionstatic.com.ua/offer_images/2016/11/02/08/big/K/KSYrLueATTR/zvukovaja_karta_aureal_vortex_2_ba88_dl30_a_01.jpg today instead of SB Live!. Seller didn't even know if it works. It appeared to work just fine. This and Win 98SE gave me …

Re: Retro PC challenge!

Richo wrote: The voodoo 3 is good choice however a 4 or 5 'would' be preferred and this can always be paired wit a voodoo 2 (Sli) for 95-99 Glide games (however this would become more costly) No doubts about it, but that would be impossible at least budget-wise.

Re: Retro PC challenge!

That's a pretty unique approach! Yep! you sure saved a lot of time by doing the entire build in three days. I still cannot believe it myself! A network card would also be really useful! Good call! Nice build, congrats. You guys are lucky to have this good stuff available relatively easily. Thank …

Retro PC challenge!

https://s27.postimg.org/ibc1qv0cj/IMG_0160.jpg Greetings! After I've watched some cool and inspiring retro-PC videos on youtube from PhilsComputerLab, WaybackTech, Retro Machines etc (Phils especially), I decided to build my own PC of a kind. I know I've wanted to do so for quiet some time. It's …

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