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Re: Period appropriate CRT monitors?

Thanks all. Interesting to note. I've got to be honest before a certain time period I'm sort of lost when it comes to PC CRTs. TVs seems to have a much more defined history. I have a crt in the loft, I think called Axiom, and I couldn't find anything about it information-wise.

Period appropriate CRT monitors?

Hi folks, With the advent of some new YouTube videos, some of the more well known and later era PC crts are going for extortionate prices (Trinitrons etc.) Myself, I have been looking for something fairly period appropriate for games like Doom through to StarCraft. Obviously I don't need the super …

Re: Rescuing a faulty Voodoo 5500.

Sorry for the double post. The chap I sent it to be recapped with says that the caps are perfect and not leaking in any way. So he believes it' s probably the memory chips. Is there a source for replacement chips? I've seen others suggest it's possible to take them from other cards.

Re: Rescuing a faulty Voodoo 5500.

Thanks for all the advice guys. The owner decided he wanted to go ahead with a recap. Luckily I know a guy locally I trust to do stuff like that, he repairs old valve tvs, Amigas and so on. I'm not convinced there isn't a deeper issue but can't hurt.

Rescuing a faulty Voodoo 5500.

Hi folks, Hope someone can help. I found a 5500 super close to me and the chap selling it set it up to test it first. After a while he informed me that he was getting visual artifacts. Since he was about two miles away I took my retro rig to him so we could test it in my pc. Same issues. There's …

Re: Question regarding Scummvm Mt 32 emulation.

Fantastic thank you very much for the detailed explanation. I've never experienced Monkey Island with MT-32, I only ever had the Amiga version (which still sounds good) so I'm excited to give this a go. What I was quite surprised to find too, is that the MT-32 emulation even works on the android …

Question regarding Scummvm Mt 32 emulation.

Hi folks, I'm going to be on the move a bit and transferred my m MT 32 roms to my laptop. I'd like to play with the emulation but I'm a little lost when it comes to what settings I enable. I've uploaded a picture taken on my phone as to what I mean (settings are the same on pc) Do I enable either? …

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