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Re: My P3 Retro DOS PC

I found a new AOPEN AW744L II - Yamaha XG YMF744 on eBay for $26.50 USD. Is the AOPEN a good YM744 card? And is that a good price? It is one of the best PCI cards you can have if you also want to do DOS gaming. However you will not get proper DOS sound with it unless your i815 motherboard has an SB …

Re: What game are you playing now?

in Milliways
I've always wanted to like Blood without success - sounds like I should have done some reading first! The MIDI song in the setup program is epic, and one of the songs I always try when testing out a new sound font or MIDI device 👍 I never managed to get into Blood either, it's in a strange place …

Savage4 vs Voodoo Banshee

I can't seem to find a head to head comparison of these two cards, has anyone benchmarked them in OpenGL and Direct3D? I'm wondering if it makes sense to replace an AGP Banshee with an AGP Savage 4 LT + Voodoo 2 on a K6-2 500 system. Part of me says it does, another part of me tells me I'd see no …

Re: New sound card project: AWE64 Legacy

for dos sound awe64 and even better the awaited awe64 legacy for win32 games go aureal vortex 2. and you will never want to hear about sblive. and i have apollo pro 133a aureal is great I have an AWE32 on one of my DOS rigs, an ALS100 on the other and an SBLive on my Tualeron/V3 Win98 rig, and I'm …

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