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Disney Hercules Action Game

Latest stable build : - Alt+Enter switch goes into blackscreen in-game, only the fullscreen startup boot has no issue - Play the game in fullscreen, go to the top of the level during level 1, you'll have a black sky : (was only able to screenshot it like that) http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/ …

Re: Halo 2 on modern PC?

in Windows
Be sure to install Project Cartographer to enable online play, also it kill the framerate lag i got from Windows Live back in the days

Re: Disney Hercules Action Game (CDDA W10 position issue)

in Windows
CDDA should just work in this game, try playing an unmodified version of the game and make sure your Hercules CD is in your FIRST CD drive, that is the first drive letter of all your CD drives, virtual or real. Old games care about this. You won't get any volume control that way, but honestly? Why …

Disney Hercules Action Game (CDDA W10 position issue)

in Windows
Hello everybody, I'm able to play Disney Hercules Action Game on Windows 10 and have been able to patch the game in order to play CDDA music from _INMM.DLL. However, the game is based on only one big music file (more than 200 mo of music data in one), and if I start a new level, the music file is …

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