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Motorhead PC

So I really want to play Motorhead again, and after trying to find my disc for a solid 5 minutes, I remembered that it wouldn't matter anyways since said disc was cracked. So I guess this is my last-ditch effort to try and get a working image of it before I find a PS1 image, even though its nowwhere …

Best low-profile PCI graphics card?

Right now I'm looking to revive my old OptiPlex 170L a little bit by throwing a peppy graphics card in it, but I can't seem to find any concrete answers on what the fastest ones are. Only real things I'm looking for is PCI, low profile, ideally VGA + DVI output (HDMI would be nice but I understand a …

Re: NFS Carbon Controller Tweaks

in Windows
NoCD patch - unlikely cause Widescreen fix - maybe, if it messes up the graphics engine in a way that introduces lag; try without it Are you getting good FPS? Does it feel laggy? Did you try with a keyboard? A controller? FPS is a dead-solid 60 that never drops, and with keyboard controls it feels …

NFS Carbon Controller Tweaks

in Windows
So I finally managed to get NFS Carbon working on my daily rig, and got the controls set up, but when I started racing the controls are (at best) terrible. Everything is floaty as all hell (as in the car seems like it's on ice) and nothing seems to fix it. Now I know how this game should behave (as …

Best PCI graphics card for Windows 98

I've begun the process of hunting for parts for my old Compaq, and right now I'm stuck on a graphics card. I'm not really sure what I should look for (I've kinda lost my touch with older hardware and knowing what to get), so I'm just hoping I can get some pointers here. My only requirements are …

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