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Re: Video card for a PII/PIII (400 to 600Mhz)

Voodoo 3 2000 is what I use in my PIII 700. I picked a PCI one up on ebay about 2 years or so ago for $20 I got lucky though and found one listed as a "arcade video card" No one else bid, so I guess they didn't know what it was......I scored by Vodoo 3 3000 AGP in a similar story and give about 30 …

Re: Best PCI card for a 486

I'm using a ATi Rage Pro XL PCI in my 486 - am486-dx4100. It's the only compatible card I had on hand other than a Trident when I put it together. It seems to work well enough in DOS and has decent Windows 3.11 support when using Mach64 drivers. I haven't benchmarked it much though I could probably …

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