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Re: Post pics of your CRT monitors

So the other day a friend gave me his old crt monitor. It is a massive LG Flatron F900P. It supports resolutions up to 1600x1200 at 85Hz. This should be great for my fast Win98 PC (Tualatin 1.4S + FX5900XT) and I can't wait to go on a leave from work and play with it :) Last time I owned a CRT …

Re: 775i65G AGP beast

I haven't even added any video or sound cards yet. I'm using the integrated graphics from the 865G and the C-Media AC'97 audio. Just for kicks, I benched Unreal Gold at 1024x768 and got 44 FPS. Have you tested the C-Media chip in DOS? Does it work? Also, how does the A3D and EAX sound like? In the …

Re: 650Ti or HD5870 for late XP?

I'd also go for the 650Ti. It's less noizy, consumes less power and might me better in openGL than the 5870. I have one (but with a 750 bios) in a C2Q system using Win7/WinXP as a backup gaming/LAN Party PC. You can always upgrade your cpu, if you wish. Modded Xeons like the E5450 would be a nice …

Re: best windows 98 agp card

If you want to be era appropriate either a GF3 or even better a Radeon 8500. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8C0GUeUVIjs The GF4 Ti 4200 would be even faster though, if you don't mind that it's a 2002 release.

Re: best windows 98 agp card

My 2 cents in this long-running thread. If 100% compatibility is your shtick, then the FX series has you covered, although performance under XP isn't that great. Well yes, that's what I have in mind. Compatibility for all win9x games with optimal performance. I'm pretty content with the FX atm but …

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