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Re: S3 ViRGE deep dive

and other 1996 3D cards including the Virge never promised such performance. Virge and 3dfx were never direct competitors to begin with. Voodoo 1 was not a video card and Voodoo Rush was a joke. It started to get really toasty for S3 after Riva 128 and Rage Pro were released.

Re: Voodoo 2 sli board, real or fake?

Worth the money? Not really. AFAIK it's useless outside of professional applications, like flight simulators. But it's relatively small amount of money for someone with a good income. And not like you'll have a chance to buy Mercury brick often. But hey, you can use them as 4 separate Voodoo 2 SLI …

Re: what SSD for XP ?

All M.2 NVMe drives will work with PCIe adapters and some were already packaged with them. Samsung 950 Pro has option ROM which is bootable on legacy motherboards without additional tools like Clover. Community adapted some drivers for NVMe SSDs, which will work under XP, but AFAIK they have some …

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