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Re: Windows XP on SD card

We're talking about VM. Apparently you can use NVME at least on Windows XP x64 , but there's a possibility that it's highly unreliable. There's also possibility that some M2-to-PCI-E controllers could translate NVMe to AHCI, similar to M2-SATA adapters, but without SATA interface restrictions. EDIT: …

Re: Windows XP on SD card

I wonder if, not so many years from now, there would be 1TB of ram on a computer such that you can have a whole XP machine emulated You already can "emulate" Win XP at blazing speeds with last gen NVME SSD. Running it fully into RAM subjectively won't feel any faster.

Re: So I bought a CPU for my 98 machine without realizing that my mobo only supports up to 1.3ghz

one more edit: Here's my 730w PSU that I'm currently using. Your PSU is enough for Athlon XP 3000+ working on 5V CPU rail board. KT600 only supports single channel DDR, while the nForce2 Ultra supports dual channel. Dual channel DDR is useless for K7 architechture. But Nforce 2 is just faster. If …

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