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Re: Dip24 chip flash

Ok Dip32. Sorry! I have no other board, guess I should search for one super cheap and use it as a flasher? No worries, I wasn't sure if there was another revision with a different EEPROM or simply a misunderstanding.😅 Using a different mainboard to hotflash is probably the cheapest option but not …

Re: Best brand of GeForce 2 cards to look for?

Gainward made some overclocked GeForce2 MX 400 cards that usually overclock even further due to their PCB design and faster VRAM (4ns or 3.5ns). If you're dead set on GF2 MX400 those are certainly among the best.👍 http://ixbtlabs.com/articles/gf2mx400gainwardcardxpert/index.html http://www.thg.ru/ …

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