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Re: Modern GPU with VGA for CRT

what about this adapters? or is it better to use a native VGA Card with native VGA like 980 Ti ? Variant 1 (Delock 85262, USB-C DP ALT Mode, ITE IT6516BFN + Cypress) :https://www.delock.de/produkte/865_USB-C--Stecker---VGA-Stecker/85262/merkmale.html Variant 2 (Delock 62967, DP 1.2 -> VGA, Analogix …

Re: Voodoo 2 preventing PC from POSTing

Yup, if I remember correctly one of those is a reset line. Just very carefully insert a needle tip or fine blade between the two pins. The bent one gets bent outward, the other one gets bent inward ever so slightly. You don't need much force. Just make sure to stop once they're safely separated and …

Re: Power supply for 6800 Ultra OC AGP?

cde wrote on 2020-02-26, 10:13: Doornkaat wrote on 2020-02-26, 10:09: Glad to be of help! 😀 That single 12V rail 5000W EVGA PSU is more than adequate. 😁 Looking forward to your report! So many watts! Not quite over 9000 though. 😉 5000W? Who said anything about 50000W? I certainly didn't say …

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