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Re: What kind of tracking number is this?

Are you sure it has 10 digits. I have seen similar numbers but they have have only 9 digits. You're right, it's not missing a digit, it has an extra one. It should be 8 plus the check digit. Though as far as I know S10 tracking codes don't include the shipper information, but at least you can plug …


Taking the name, filesize, and date into account, looks like it could be "a golf game which uses text graphics". Found on disk 5 (in the misc directory) of this shareware bundle http://www.cowsarenotpurple.co.uk/bbccomputer … /booklet-1.html.

Re: Souncard ID

Here's a quick review of the card https://nerdlypleasures.blogspot.ca/2014/04/the-aztech-labs-sound-galaxy-nova-pro16.html (PB just rebranded Aztech Sound Galaxy Cards) The drivers and software disks can be fetched from the Aztech ftp site still: ftp://ftp.aztech.com/support/DOWNLOAD/sg/NOV16E/ Edit …

Re: Best browser on a P3?

I'll be trying this soon and letting you know, thanks! If not, you can try the 45 ESR release, though I think that's only supported with updates for another few months. Sad to report that the 52 ESR does not support non-SSE2 CPUs :( Yea the docs on that support page are a bit odd. If you noodle …

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