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Re: With all of great new ISA sound cards coming out (even with FPGA), what is theoratically stopping a PCIE implementat

Almost every motherboard still has those signals somewhere, since the LPC bus is still a thing, and LPC is just a fancy serialized ISA bus. A few motherboards have LPC bus headers, others have solder points or test points with the LPC bus, and others would require soldering wires to a Super I/O …

Re: MT-32 wavetable daughterboard exist

If you run his site through google translate, he's connecting an MT-32 & SC-55 off camera to the Aztech soundcard. Trust me, Paar really doesn't need to use Google translate on that site ;) Also, Clous wrote on that site, that you can connect MT-32 or SC-55 to sound card in that PC, not that he's …

Re: Has USA ever looked worse internationally ?

in Milliways
Then you have the terrible and delayed response to coronavirus that led to 40 million people unemployed. Why do people believe this? We were doing stuff long before the WHO was saying covid was a problem. flights out of china were blocked when? in late January early feb? And what happens after that …

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