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Re: what are your favourite ps/2 mice?

in Milliways
After more then a decade I finally replaced my main mice for G403 Hero, so my still perfectly working MX518 now can be my full time retro PS/2 mice (one of the last mohicans, which still works with USB=>PS/2 adapters).


OldDog_Rigo wrote on 2020-10-05, 05:40: Hi there, just wondering if there was any chance i could get those mini MIDI to Standard MIDI drawings? I also have the front panel inputs but no cables. Thanks. Here you go: Male mini DIN: Filename SB X-Fi MIDI Pinout - miniDIN (Male).jpg File size 36.32 KiB …

Re: The Saddest Steam Build 2021

Just to be clear: the goal is to run the Steam Client and upload the system into the hardware survey. So any alternative or illegal Steam build is out of the question. If it runs any of the games isn't important. Yeah, that should work, if you'll have a luck and Survey will show up. It did for me …

Re: With all of great new ISA sound cards coming out (even with FPGA), what is theoratically stopping a PCIE implementat

Almost every motherboard still has those signals somewhere, since the LPC bus is still a thing, and LPC is just a fancy serialized ISA bus. A few motherboards have LPC bus headers, others have solder points or test points with the LPC bus, and others would require soldering wires to a Super I/O …

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