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Re: MicroProse Resurrected!

in Milliways
A couple of new games from Drakeling Labs are being published by them on steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/793560/Warfare_1944/ https://store.steampowered.com/app/736590/Ope … Harsh_Doorstop/

Re: 42

in Milliways
Only the 42nd anniversary, I thought it was older than that. Maybe I'm thinking of the books instead of the radio show, not sure which came first. I still remember watching the TV series (yes, I saw the more recent film and kind of regretted it instantly).

Re: Newbie Saying Hi!

in Milliways
Several hundred laptops! And my family thinks I have a problem hoarding stuff (yeah, what do they know). Well, you don't have to be mad to be here but it does help. Blog looks good, I'll bookmark that and have a proper look later when I have more time.

Re: Nothing like retro to keep one amused.

in Milliways
My reason, well I started in the 8-bit era so I remember some of these systems when they first came into being. I remember the days of my childhood typing in magazine listings, getting frustrated learning to code the first time. Slowly the traditional (for lack of a better term) skills of command …

Re: Amstrad mega pc

The disk images work just fine, though counterpoint looks like it has had some changes made by the original owner (colours and a few icons do not look original). I set it up in virtualbox just to see what it was like. Believe it or not it actually appears to be Y2K compliant in the VM at least, it …

Re: Amstrad mega pc

Amstrad Desktop originated from me after I found it installed on the system I got... To my knowledge there is no user installable media for it. That archive was created with amstrad desktop and counterpoint as installed in the hdd of my system - but now images of amstrad counterpoint have surfaced …

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