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Re: Windows 95/98 games you never get tired of?

in Windows
Starcraft/Broodwar I'm so lame that I only started playing it on Vista. Now 10 years later and on Windows 7 I'm still stuck half-way through the Brood War campaign... Just wait until you hit Omega (very last level in Broodwar) then the struggle really begins. Took me an age to get through that one.

Re: Programming on DOS/Windows 95/98

On DOS mainly Borland Turbo C++ 3.0 and a couple of the Turbo Pascal compilers. Then migrated to DJGPP because it made code easier to port between DOS and Linux platforms. Free Pascal compiler is also handy because its very similar to Turbo Pascal (you can just move code directly between them …

Re: MicroProse Resurrected!

in Milliways
A couple of new games from Drakeling Labs are being published by them on steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/793560/Warfare_1944/ https://store.steampowered.com/app/736590/Ope … Harsh_Doorstop/

Re: 42

in Milliways
Only the 42nd anniversary, I thought it was older than that. Maybe I'm thinking of the books instead of the radio show, not sure which came first. I still remember watching the TV series (yes, I saw the more recent film and kind of regretted it instantly).

Re: Newbie Saying Hi!

in Milliways
Several hundred laptops! And my family thinks I have a problem hoarding stuff (yeah, what do they know). Well, you don't have to be mad to be here but it does help. Blog looks good, I'll bookmark that and have a proper look later when I have more time.

Re: Nothing like retro to keep one amused.

in Milliways
My reason, well I started in the 8-bit era so I remember some of these systems when they first came into being. I remember the days of my childhood typing in magazine listings, getting frustrated learning to code the first time. Slowly the traditional (for lack of a better term) skills of command …

Re: Amstrad mega pc

The disk images work just fine, though counterpoint looks like it has had some changes made by the original owner (colours and a few icons do not look original). I set it up in virtualbox just to see what it was like. Believe it or not it actually appears to be Y2K compliant in the VM at least, it …

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