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Re: Super rare Quantum3D Obsidian 2 200SBi?

No prototype or anything, they are rev 05 cards, only seen one other of those. Normally its rev 4 or 6. But have never seen a Rev5 card with 125mhz memory before, thought it only where Rev6. But maybe tgeir 100mhz stock ran out on the Rev5 right before producing the green rev6... Dono

Re: Primary GPU for Voodoo2 SLI

G400 doesn't really have any advantages aside from EMBM. Can't really see how EMBM gives any advantages in 2D but maybe it's just me being stupid... The reason people are using Matrox cards for 2D, is not only cuz of the OK 2D performance, but it's because of their high quality RAMDAC's, when …

Re: PCI vs Older AGP

Have tried to compare AGP and PCI based Voodoo5 5500 cards and cant really see any diffrence, and thats cards from 2000. Cant see why it should be a problem form a 1998 build then :) When thats told, Voodoo5 is a real bad card for such comparasion cuz it dont support AGP textureing. But pretty sure …

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