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Re: Support for Micro Machines V3

tizerist wrote on 2021-02-15, 20:13: Hi, that modified exe link has expired. Could somebody upload it please? Thanks! It was probably moved during Dege's website upgrade, you can find it on the full list of patches here or directly: http://dege.fw.hu/Patches/bin/MicroMachinesV3.zip

Re: dgVoodoo 2.6.x and related WIP versions

When using any of the "keep Aspect Ratio" or "4:3 Aspect Ratio" scaling modes in WIP69, there is a diagonal seam between the bottom-left and top-right corners of the screen. Affects all games I've tried, DirectX and Glide. wip69.jpg (top-left half is shifted down and to the right by 1 pixel, bottom- …

Re: WIP versions

dgVoodoo WIP 54 and later seem to have stopped forcing games to render 32-bit colour: Shogo + WIP53 and earlier Shogo + WIP54 and later Is there a setting that might restore the old behaviour?

Re: WIP versions

Halo: Custom Edition works pretty well now, but some effects are missing, e.g. lens flare from the sun and the glow from a charging plasma pistol . Unlike every other method I've tried, dgVoodoo 2 can successfully force MSAA on Halo - with only one minor glitch (that I've noticed), a small bright …

Re: Star Wars Jedi Knight

Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith use a pretty aggressive texture and model LOD system that hasn't scaled well to modern resolutions - fortunately there is a mod that disables it . With it, the game can look pretty sharp (at a distance :wink:), especially if you add some SSAA / SGSSAA and a bit …

Re: WIP versions

Nice, forcemin24bit considerably improves Mechwarrior 3 and Heavy Gear 2. So far I've only noticed one minor artifact - in Shogo, the shading of the player hands with pistols equipped misbehaves and flickers in motion: appdriven forcemin24bit Maybe the faces are duplicated and the default z- …

Re: WIP versions

Sadly however, the one present in WIP44 is the correct one. :( The colorkeying bug was that dgVoodoo treated colorkey pixels as black transparent ones (like for colorkey blending) which caused black edges in other game(s) where it shouldn't be. But undoubtedly it came handy for Machines. Yeah, when …

Re: WIP versions

The colorkey changes might have some negative effects when forced texture filtering is used: Machines App driven Forced bilinear (previous versions of dgVoodoo 2) Forced bilinear (WIP44)

Re: dgVoodoo 2 for DirectX 11

2.54 seems to have introduced heavy micro-stuttering in Machines (RTS by Charybdis Limited / Acclaim Entertainment, 1999). So far I haven't found any dgVoodoo settings that affect the issue, apart from refresh rate - lower refresh rates result in more stuttering (I think the game uses V-sync by …

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