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Re: Force 320x200(ish) VGA text mode

Quick update. I managed to grab FreeDOS mode.com file here (and vmode.exe from this post , which works like a more robust mode.com) and change the console to 40x25 with 8x8 font. (Either mode 40,25 or vmode 13) Then setting the full screen to 320x200 in the cfg makes the text nice and crisp. I think …

Force 320x200(ish) VGA text mode

I got a PocketCHIP on the cheap recently and I wanted to turn it into a portable dos machine. Because the PocketCHIP's screen is an odd 480x272 resolution the machine is only really suited for 320x200/240 gaming, which is ok with me, but I am running into an issue. While the games work/look OK, the …

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