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Re: OPL3-compatibles

I've heard enough of Crystal FM to know that it can be passable , if you're not familiar with anything else, and don't already know what something should sound like. I don't consider it useful in many other cases, and I can only imagine that CQM sounds worse, and is even less compatible. One …


After recent experience with Crystal FM, I have come to wonder: just how compatible are these allegedly OPL3-compatible designs? Aside from sounding rather different in many cases, Crystal FM seems not to support the OPL3 percussion mode. Are there different implementations of Crystal FM? Is there a …

Re: Gravis Ultrasound PnP in 486 DX2 66

It is worth pointing out that a configuration manager (like the Intel utility) is generally not required to use an InterWave-based board. It is needed on systems without a Plug and Play ISA BIOS to run the Gravis installation and set-up tools, as well as for PNPMAP, but that's about it. IWINIT and …

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