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Re: Rant about Edge auto installing on Win7

Did Microsoft HAVE to port Edge to Windows 7 and distribute it as a recommended update? There are much better browsers that I'd much rather use IMO and the main reason why I got rid of Windows 10 was due to how it pushed Edge to users of other browsers. Besides, Windows 7's support has already ended …

Re: EARLIEST CD-ROM Drives that could Read CD-R's ???

Oh yes, indeed. Your comment made me shudder, it brought distant memories of "write simulation" and "JustLink" (buffer-underrun protection) back to life. Another thing that I remembered.. Macintosh CD-ROM drives were pure evil. Especially hated the internal drive of ma iBook G3. It refused to read …

Re: How good is an ATI Rage Pro Turbo?

I'd say it should at least be good at 2D Windows games and most DOS games. A few DOS games don't play well with ATI and Matrox cards, but those problematic games are mainly older EGA side scrollers that should still work on hardware that's older than what you'll be using this card in. It should work …

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