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Re: Questions on running/testing a Japanese 100v sound module (Roland SC-D70) on a North American 120V power grid .

You can use any device from Japan in the USA no problem. The extra volts mean a little extra heat, but unless you are running it for 12 hours a day, it will be fine. Video game console importers have been doing since forever. Some Japanese devices do have a switch for 60/50hertz, but really only …

Re: KORG NS5R -- no drums??

I love Doom on the Akai, it's super strong blaring samples are a perfect fit for over the top games like Doom. Duke sounds a little off as it wants to use the GS Power drum kit, which the Akai doesn't have. Classical music tends to sound terrible on the Akai as it's poor balence tends to murder the …

Re: KORG NS5R -- no drums??

Yeah, the NS5R has one of the worst menu systems ever lol. [Edit]-> Preset -> [Edit] -> Then use the wheel to select what mode you want. Push [Edit], confirm and [Edit] again. GM Mode On = Standard NS5R Mode NS5R Reset (R) = Roland GS NS5R Reset (Y) = Yamaha XG Factory Preset = Full Factory Reset …

Re: KORG NS5R -- no drums??

On NS5R GM mode really means Korg mode. Try GS or XG mode. Do a full factory reset too as the Korg auto saves everything and it has a lot of special settings. For example the drums channel could be going to the waveblaster header.

Re: Yamaha SW1000XG

That was Yamaha's last XG sound card. MIDI wise should be equal to MU100 iirc. It also has a plg100-VH attached. Drivers are still on Yamaha's Japanese site afaik. If you want to make music, Yamaha SOL is ideal.

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