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Re: Yamaha SW1000XG

That was Yamaha's last XG sound card. MIDI wise should be equal to MU100 iirc. It also has a plg100-VH attached. Drivers are still on Yamaha's Japanese site afaik. If you want to make music, Yamaha SOL is ideal.

Re: Korg NSR5 not sounding right

One thing to remember is on NS5R, GM mode = Korg mode. It has seperate modes for GS and XG compatibility. GS will sound the most authentic with Duke3D. There is even a CM (CM-64) set of patches but you have to set it up manually. Confusing module until you get used to the terrible menus, but with …

Re: Casio GZ-70SP unboxing

From my searches, the 70SP has the same MIDI hardware as the GZ-30M. So sound wise, it is a step below the GZ-50M. I have become quite fond of my GZ-50M, and am hoping to get the 30M at some point, just because it is so tiny and cute. 😀

Re: Akai SG01k available...

These typically arent too expensive due to low demand. They have no GS support, and are a royal pain to make music on. They are a great pickup to add to one's MIDI stack as they sound nothing like the typical Roland or Yamaha units.

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