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Help pick right sound option not so retro gaming.

I have a little project seeing how much I can get out of a duel xeon 5080 system. I am basically trying to play the newest games I can on this old hardware. The motherboards I have to pick from all have no built in sound. So my questions is what is the best option to give sound with out impacting in …

Re: Oldest graphics card with openGL 2.1 support?

It was not the most popular standard that most of the early brands never made it to or skipped so never had Windows 98 compatible cards. The only brand I can think of off is that does is Nvidia. They had cards in the GeForce 6xxx range with hardware 2.1 support and the 7xxx cards could be used to …

Re: Windows XP graphics card recommendation?

Currently have a GF 7950GT with a Duo Core 2 3ghz and it struggles in Crysis, maybe the 750Ti would help it out some I don't know. The GeForce 750 TI is many times faster than a 7950GT so you should see good gains not only in fps at your current settings but you should be able to turn a few of the …

Recommend me a graphics card for Netburst.

I am wondering what modern games the NetBurst architecture can actually handle so am thinking of grabbing a faster graphics card to give it a try. I would like a card that is easily fast enough to keep things like a overclocked Pentium EE 965, Duel Xeon 5080 and Xeon MP busy with out spending the …

Re: Win98SE - Best AGP Vs Best PCIe

All depends on what you are refering to when you say "best" There are newer cards with Win98 drivers that have faster models. Nvidia Geforce 6xxxx are available in AGP and PCI-e and have official drivers. ATI X850 are also available in AGP and PCI-e and have official Beta test drivers. Nvidia …

Re: ut2004 + kyro ii = death?

I have never actually played UT2004 though looking at the system requirements you are cutting it fine. Though I do know with UT2003 your setup should happily play at around 60fps even on high settings at 800x600 and it's system requirements is not that much higher.

Re: Voodoo2 SLI on P4 platform

As others have said they do work. The Voodoo 2 does actually get warmer if you keep it busy. So it will run hotter on your P4 than on a original Pentium for example. But unless you have some real ventilation issues with your case its nothing to worry about. If your case can take a front mount fan or …

Re: Gaming like its 1999

Thanks FFXIhealer. I am actually building the system as a bit of a nostalgia trip so spec can change. It will probably be a fast PII or early PIII/Athlon of some description, 512mb RAM, dual Voodoo2 in SLI, Windows 98 SE or something similar. Very flexible but trying to stay period correct.

Re: 5V 66MHz PCI?

Thanks BitWrangler your right it does look to be only server boards. I have spent half the day looking and only came up with the ASUS CUR DLS (U160 SCSI model) Nice board but boards with the U160 SCSI option are rare as hen's teeth. Kamerat that is brilliant thank you! That board look to be …

Gaming like its 1999

Please recommend me some game to try on a 1999 vintage gaming rig. Looking for games from around the min 90s to early 2k. Not only the best sellers but any over looked jems would be most appreciated. Thanks 😀

5V 66MHz PCI?

Does anyone know of any motherboards with a 5V PCI slot that run at 66MHz? I don't mind if it is 32bit or 64bit PCI slot, the important part is that it is 5V and can run at 66mhz. Almost every motherboard I look at it is only 3.3V PCI slots that can run faster than 33MHz. 😵

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