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Re: Screensaver help

in Windows
You may need to register the .DLL by opening an elevated command prompt, changing to the \windows\system32 directory and then issuing the command regsvr32.exe /r dllfilename.dll But if it's not a 32-bit .DLL, it probably won't be able to be loaded because of the removal of the 16-bit subsystem.

Re: Medal Count

in Milliways
Caluser2000 wrote on 2021-08-08, 22:26: AlaricD wrote on 2021-08-08, 22:17: Caluser2000 wrote on 2021-08-08, 19:50: My care factor is, wait for it.........ZERO! It had to be greater than zero. NOPE!....😉 You cared enough to post about how little you care. You care enough to reiterate how little you …

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