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Re: MID-format player for Adlib device ?

As I understand it, DOSBox can capture OPL streams and save them to a file for later playback through something else. I don't know what, under real DOS, exists to play those.. but I'm sure something exists. So that's what I would look into. Yes, DOSBox can record OPL music to a .dro file format by …

Re: OPL3LPT : OPL3 FM Synthesis on parallel port

Well, I got a surprise package from Serdaco today. This is very unexpected and I am not sure what to say about it. Thanks for the package Dreamblaster! What he sent me is an extra OPL3LPT with the black colour cover and a loose "Big Blue" edition cover. I already had a OPL3LPT with the red colour …

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