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Re: Terminator Skynet problem

I've only just now learned about the Unofficial Patch from 2017, so clearly I'm necroing this thread. But I've got a question... So SkyNET allows you to play Future Shock in hi-rez, but it's had a bug in it since release. In Future Shock, there's an NPC at the end of a level you have to kill to …

Re: Need tips on Dark Forces graphics config

DarkXL isn't suggested or recommended because it was never finished no thanks to scope-creep and so many years of being closed-source and unfulfilled promises. I'm suggesting and recommending it. The cons are significant, but, as I said, I think that the pros outweigh them. Everyone should decide …

Re: Need tips on Dark Forces graphics config

Have you heard about and considered DarkXL, the reverse engineered clone? It solves the "roughness" problems with the original game by supporting high resolutions, texture filtering, mouse look and more. It's not perfect, since it's unfinished and has bugs and only half-working cutscenes, but the …

Re: indirect sound

in Windows
Davros wrote: theres more but does the amount change dependant on environment size? It's hard for me to tell. The games that I'm testing have environments that sound different even when EAX is turned off.

Re: indirect sound

in Windows
Hi folks. I know that some of you here use dsoal. It is not updated since 2011, but user IDrinkLava on YT shared with me version with ready HRTF tables to set, and probably something on OpenAL library side is updated. Anyway, I give you all in one package with instruction. Result effect is really …

Re: Star Wars Jedi Knight

That's the Jedi Knight Enhanced mod that make everything sharper? He's referring to the High Detail Mod. It forces the game to use its highest quality textures and models at all times, rather than use lower quality versions at medium and long distances. Naturally, this also eliminates "popping" …

Re: New Outlaws Installer

in Windows
'cause links are dead, i can't try. Does any of the mentioned solutions work under win95/98? Cause i want to make Outlaws works via DosBox+Win9x on all platforms(It works perfectly now for me but without music). If so, can you reupload downloads of Outlaws no-cd music patches. Thanks! The download …

Re: dgVoodoo 2 for DirectX 11

Dege, if I may, I'd like to suggest making the password for the archives more noticeable on the website. I think that notice at the top of the main page could do with being put at the top of the downloads page, as well, since some people may click on the link to the downloads page before reading the …

Re: Skynet won't install.

An easy way to install the game is to simply copy the entire Skynet folder from the CD and then apply the unofficial patch. That will bypass the game's installation program that is giving you the problem. https://community.pcgamingwiki.com/files/file … ial-patch-2017/

Re: Need help with Full Screen

That's just how the games were designed. They're running in fullscreen; they're just not using all of it, at least not all of the time. By using only a portion of the screen, games could use less memory, artists didn't have to draw as much and it gave a widescreen cinematic look. That was especially …

Re: Unreal A3D?

in Windows
Putting the 3 Ospray files (a3d.dll, a3dapi.dll, a3dsnd.dll - I've updated to IS 0.14 the last one) in Unreal System dir seems to have no effect (in Blood 2 it works). Unreal.log shows no A3D related entries, only DirectSound. Putting the files in the game folder won't work. A3D games don't look in …

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