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Re: Is this a genuine Xperia X battery?

in Milliways
You can usually tell by putting original battery and suspected battery side by side. See if the fonts and quality of the print is the same, cheap Chinese fakes usually have more blurry and less sharp writing, might be crooked and might even have spelling mistakes

Re: Any street rod 2 experts here?

in DOS
Yeah I am not sure what its supposed to be, wet cement or gravel are probably the only 2 things that come to mind. I think this is the only reason i keep playing this game because this cement/gravel has always been such a hard obstacle. Its a challenge that keeps calling you back. Slowing down to …

Re: Any street rod 2 experts here?

in DOS
So I have been playing a bit but I haven't been able to get any performance increase with : - Glass pack muffler - remove muffler - Upgraded headers However with the diff yes, I think different gear ratio for different races: Drag race is a no brainier Highway ratio for best top end since straight …

Any street rod 2 experts here?

in DOS
This is one of my all time favourite games and I still play it since it was made. Was wondering if anybody here can enlighten me on a few items which I could never get more speed or noticeable performance from: 1. Change stock muffler to glass pack muffler (since its a $15 item I am guessing its …

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