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Re: Pentium 4 System

pete8475 wrote: Is that a dual socket motherboard? What's the model name? Msi K8T Master2-far7, it can support single 940pin athlon fx or dual 200 series Opteron The MB is very old, it can only support ECC registered DDR RAM, with very strange Intel socket 423/603 cpu cooler (Amd cpu but use Intel …

Re: Slot 1 Build!

My computer teacher teached me a very simple method to connect pc cable correctly Put red line close to red power cord 4C34F687-0D08-4449-855F-377F09589243.jpeg Put red line close to number 1 and 2 40FA215C-7B6C-4CAB-BA82-AD4337073B5B.jpeg I mark the number for you A8602578-2A38-41BE-9705- …

Re: Retro Rig Photo Thread

I get a Pentium II Overdrive 333Mhz today Filename BA751CE6-AC56-4BE4-B3B8-C089AD6B7B39.jpeg File size 463.63 KiB Views 779 views Filename 0DE04DF1-6F7B-42D9-9D12-4F90D35C58DF.jpeg File size 697.43 KiB Views 779 views Filename 98FB9668-E4B5-4162-93A0-AF32DCFACF6F.jpeg File size 906.7 KiB Views 779 …

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