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Re: Appian Jeronimo Pro Drivers

So you guys mean to say that this card can do multi monitor.. in pure DOS ??????? :-O (Only 2 monitors in my case , coz mine looks like this, but still!!) https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/18/Appian_Jeronimo_Pro.jpg I read that there were some models with a special (bigger) connector …

Re: Appian Jeronimo Pro Drivers

I remember this card. Still have one in a Abit IT5H with NT4 on its IBM 80 pin disk! Inaccessible at the moment, but I fired it up 2018 or so and one disk did have w98 on it but I didn't boot it. I think W98 had drivers for one of the PCI ATI cards I had. I should find it... It was an interesting …

Re: Replacing electrolytic capacitors with polymers on my Motherboard, GPU, Soundcard. Is it a good idea?

Thank you so much for the informative replies. So audio grade electrolytics for the soundcard. And the electrolytics and polymers for the the other parts as close to the original specifications. Likely will contact customer service for more info as i am no capacitor expert. Phils Computer Lab also …

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