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Re: Running 2x audio cards in one machine

I am rocking very similar spec with three sound cards ( link to specs ). In DOS I use AWE32 and GUS simultaneously on regular basis midi/opl music from AWE32 and sfx through GUS. In Windows Me I use third sound card: Aureal Vortex 2 for some 3d sound goodness. All of them are working well together, …

Tandy 1000 RL issue

Hello all, Recently my Tandy 1000 RL HD has greeted me with the following images: Built-in Deskmate (from rom), hdd disconnected: tandy1.jpg Booted into dos from hdd: tandy2.jpg Troubleshooting I have done thus far: Tried two different Seagate xtide hdds 20MB and 40MB. Booted with and without …

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