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Re: DOSBox-X branch

What is the best S3Trio64 driver to benefit from better/higher resolution and colors on Win98 (and now that I asked, for 3.x too) with Dosbox-X ? I've already made the .cfg tweaks to enable this, and tried a few drivers recently, and whenever I try to go above 1280x and more than 24M colors... the …

Re: Bruninho's Virtual Machines (Windows, Linux, Mac)

This night I also managed to screw up a dosbox-x Win98 machine. nice. Then I thought "oh I won't bother reinstalling everything again" and looked at an image of win98 for QEMU I had. "Well, it should work" so I copied it over to my dosbox-x install, converted from qcow2 to raw (thanks to qemu-img) …

Re: Bruninho's Virtual Machines (Windows, Linux, Mac)

Managed to get FIFA 99 running with full 3Dfx glory on latest DOSBox-X and high level emulation, thanks to a finally good OpenGlide compilation and a few dosbox configuration fixes. Gonna test Grand Prix 3 and later try to fix the reason why FIFA 98 RTWC is going to black screen on start. This is …

Re: Bruninho's Virtual Machines (Windows, Linux, Mac)

robertmo wrote on 2021-04-05, 13:07: actually it's a better idea than running native qemu as you can also use dgvoodoo2 this way which allows higher resolutions. No, it's not what I want because I will not run that Windows VM when I get a M1. I want definitive solutions, not temporary solutions.

Re: Bruninho's Virtual Machines (Windows, Linux, Mac)

I am not a fan of any emulator in particular. At the end of the day, I only care about what works best for me without much work. That said, here is the source code of my opinion, compile it and see it by yourself. Oh, wait, it requires some dependencies to compile. Good luck finding them for your …

Re: Bruninho's Virtual Machines (Windows, Linux, Mac)

Now checking the QEMU VMs... - DOS 6.22/WFW 3.11 : Remains unchanged at 2.15GB, but has 50% usage and 50% free disk storage; - Windows 98 SE : Remains unchanged at 8GB, with 5GB usage and 3GB free disk storage; - macOS 9.2.2 : Remans unchanged at 5GB, with 30% usage and 70% free (3.51GB) storage; …

Re: Bruninho's Virtual Machines (Windows, Linux, Mac)

Today I used some hours to do a cleanup and shrink some VMware machines sizes. I used 40GB for a XP machine that will never fill it up, so I reduced it to a 16.8GB. The sizes as they are now: - Ubuntu 20.04 remains unchanged, has a 25GB HDD, 50% of its storage used; This is a web server for work on …

Re: no more iMac Pro

in Milliways
ROFLMAO they just launched M1 MacBooks, and are set to launch new ones like a 14-inch model along with a new iMac this year, yet you come with this prediction? 🤣.

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