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Mystery speed display

I have this speed display with the model number GDA-402GF, I haven't been able to find any manuals on setting it up. I'm trying to set it up to be 33 on low and 66 on turbo, but haven't been able to get anywhere by brute force. Anyone have any ideas? Filename IMG_20220414_210853.jpg File size 1015. …

All Solaris 8 patches

Is there any place to find all Solaris 8 patches? I just installed it on my Sun Ultra 5 and everything's been a little more than just hard to find. Anything I do find tells me I need a bunch of patches I'd like to find somewhere where I can just get every patch and just install all of them

Re: TCP/IP Switching software for windows 98

Are you using DHCP or static IP's? I'm using DHCP and if they don't get an IP while booting I have to manually run winipcfg and force them to pick up (or release) an address. You could always disable the unused card in device manager first forcing windows to use the only enabled card. Laptops did …

TCP/IP Switching software for windows 98

I need some way to switch between my Wi-Fi card and Ethernet. So far, no luck. I found names of software, NetSwitcher, 95swapp30.exe, etc. but no actual full software I can keep using on my computer. Is there some way for windows to just not use a card that doesn't currently have a connection? I …

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