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Re: Welcome to the updated VOGONS

in Milliways
I don't mean to be rude, but I really hate the site, The text is too giant, and the colors are just way too absurd, it burns the eyes and there is absolutely no shape, buttons just look like boxes with text and not like actual buttons You can't even sort like you used to be able to

Re: Making Windows 98 use modern printers?

You'll need a networked printer that supports PCL or PS, or setup a "translator" for your printer and yes, there are still printers that support PCL (but not the cheaper ones). That will probably narrow your search only to laser/LED printers. To use PCL printers, I'd setup a HL Laserjet 4 (PCL 5) …

Making Windows 98 use modern printers?

I'm not sure if this would be software or hardware, but since drivers are software I'll post it here We recently replaced a broken printer with a new one (Epson ET-4750). It had XP drivers though (not out of the box), so I was curious whether it was possible in any way shape or form from my windows …

Windows 3.11 for Workgroups and NVidia FX 5200?

I installed MS DOS 6.22 on my windows 98 build with a boot loader that lets me boot into both. On top of that, I installed Windows 3.11 for Workgroups. Though everything works fine and sound is great, I wonder if there are any drivers that let me use a higher resolution and color depth on an NVidia …

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