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Re: Toshiba Satellite Pro 430CDT

Nice, I have a very similar model, think mine has a 133MMX or something, slow enough to make you go "Wat? I didn't think they made MMX that slow". I haven't really got down and dirty with it. The HDD is crammed full of not quite sure what, had/has a bunch of CD program installs that don't work …

Re: My Ultimate VL/EISA 486

There is something interesting I noticed about using Cyrix 5x86 processors on the SuperEISA (Tyan S1437 and other 5V only boards) is that I cannot get the system to post when the Cyrix is jumpered for 2X or 3X mode. However, when I set the jumper on my VRM to the "2.5X" setting which was originally …

Re: Online with WFW3.11

It's been 20 years since I did it, rusty memory, but had wfwg 3.11 networked with win 95. Used microsofts TCP/IP and the winsock that came with the IE 2 or 3 dialler. I remember it always popped up the dialler first though, and I think I just cancelled it and it would continue through the wired …

Re: IPX and NetBIOS

in DOS
9x networking always seems like that, swear it takes a hard reboot for settings changes to take sometimes.

Re: Windows 7 Internet Connection Sharing, security?

Right, thanks. Reason I was wondering is because in XP ICS info, MS randomly throw in a link to page describing how to turn off XPs firewall, without explanation i.e. turn it off for it to work at all, or turn it off it's blocking stuff you want to do on other system, or what. So got me wondering …

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