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Re: Compaq armada 1750

I haven't had a problem like that with mine (yet?).. I did recreate the diag/setup partition with a softpaq, I can only assume it read the serial from the BIOS and okayed it with no intervention. However, I have noticed this sort of thing on other Compaqs long ago, and the issue then was using a …

Re: Favorite 4:3 games from the XP-era?

I have a recollection of some earlier games having a letterbox type mode, black bars top and bottom, merely to give the 3D card less to do, so frame rate was improved. Mostly those would be racing type games and shooters where the playing area was mostly a single plane vs a lot of vertical space.

Re: Members of Vogons, what shows do you currently watch?

In my memory, Scully uses a Mac a lot. The problem with X Files now, is that parts of it's style was much imitated, because it was popular and did new things, but they look corny now that many shows have done them. Though that can go for a lot of classic shows... it was innovative then, but it's …

Re: What scary games require booze to take the edge off?

I seem to have a little bit more than normal of natural glitch built in, so for this reason... https://whyy.org/segments/when-a-bit-of-booze-is-just-the-boost-you-need/ between one and two drinks make me super awesome... well a bit gooderer at rally and circuit racing games and real life pool and …

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