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Alesis S4+ vs SC-55 for GM games - Youtube vid

I've just uploaded a comparison video to Youtube for anyone interested... Alesis S4+ versus the SC-55, using Prince of Persia 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HM5BnGKHAg8 I'm intending to do another comparison using LSL6 when I get around to it... I might take requests for others but no, I'm not …

Re: Help fixing rare CL-GD610/620 VGA card

Vogons is amazing, I've got the very same card as you InbetweenDays (down to the 2.2 BIOS version) but albeit in the working state in a 486 lunchbox machine ! I'll dump the BIOS as soon as I can find my TL866 :) That's fantastic - thanks! It will be interesting to compare and see if my BIOS is ok …

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