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Re: Ultimate Win95?

Same here - I was still running a 66MHz 486SLC2 until mid 97 when I bought one of those swap meet upgrade packages with 6x86-200, 32MB ram and a motherboard. I ran 95 on this and continued to run 95 when I upgraded to a k6/2 450. I remember having to put the old 6x86 back in to apply a patch as 95 …

Re: Why is this ET4000 so expensive?

in Milliways
It was part of a piece of medical equipment - Any hospital still using that machine can only replace parts with exactly the same part or the machine is no longer certified. If they replace the video card with an ET4000 from a different manufacturer the machine would have to be re-certified which …

Re: Jewel cases for 3.5" Floppies? This is weird.

in Milliways
I think jewel cases have been used for any format that could possibly fit in them them over time. I've seen 3.5" floppies in standard CD sized jewel cases and 3.5" floppies in smaller jewel cases sized exactly for a floppy disc. Somewhere I've got some weird releases on 5.25" floppies in jewel cases …

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