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Re: Newly made PCMCIA sound card

I suppose if the laptop is equipped with only a piezo then it would be kind of a waste for the sound card to work through that. However I have used many laptops with PCMCIA slots, which had nice multimedia speakers built in under the casing and like a previous poster mentioned, it sounds on par with …

Re: Newly made PCMCIA sound card

From my POV, the most ideal product would: Be completely self-contained so that there is no need for cables and the whole thing fits flush in the slot Support built-in wavetable, even if it's fairly basic OPL2 compatible or better Support PCM decompression (like the ESS AudioDrive card did for Duke …

FPU daughterboard

There is apparently a daughterboard that permits an ordinary FPU socket to accommodate BOTH an x87 coprocessor AND a Weitek processor, so that you can have super fast single precision math and your trig functions, etc. As I understand it, computers were able to use both simultaneously with no …

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