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Re: pentium_fast \ cpu type?

sorry to chime in with a partially related question, but since you guys are talking about cpu types... some time ago I've compiled a comparison table with informations gathered from the wiki and this discussion https://i.postimg.cc/8cqtPv9Y/Screenshot-3.png is this still accurate? I was thinking of …

wrapping OpenGL

Hi Dege! Just out of curiosity.. Have you ever considered (or have you ever been asked to) adding a "opengl-to-d3d" functionality to dgVoodoo? Would that be challenging? In what way? Thank you! Keep up the good work!

Re: Two cursors issue

I have the gog version for both Crusader Kings and Dungeon Siege - no double-cursor here I'm still facing the issue when trying dgVoodoo2 with other games, though (Heretic Kingdoms is one of them) This is with any 2.6.x version (never tried any wip from the 2.7.x branch) I guess that we should …

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