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Re: R.I.P. Sound Blaster Audigy 2zs

in Marvin \ Sound
I am also using SB0880 X-Fi Titanium on Win 10 1903, originally I was on 1809 using Daniel_K's drivers and after the forced update it still worked, after I saw M$ reinstalling pretty much all system drivers itself. Am using 1060 6GB and don't have hum when gaming, my psu is s12ii. Thinking of …

Re: My 1997 Christmas Morning Retro Build

This was a nice read, really satisfying to see it all running well. About the TX97-E, would any generic USB2 bracket work, after reassigning the pins to fit the motherboard? where did you find a PS/2 bracket with the right pin amounts? the motherboard is a combined 17pin header right? So, I ended …

Re: Post pics of your CRT monitors

It's shiny! You are lucky to find a new one. These are slot mask, quite bright even with age. I am using one though mine's OSD is worn out. Bought a new in box LG F700B. I wrote in the "Bought this hardware today" -thread that I couldn't wait to unbox this thing, and quite literally I couldn't. Had …

Re: Bought these games today

in Milliways
Got lucky with some local finds not too long ago. These are mostly Asia Pacific versions. It's wonderful that there were so many flightsim series to choose from back then like DID/MicroProse/Microsoft/EA Jane's.

Re: Collecting rants

I started doing this for my parts and big box games, Pivot Tables are quite nifty to show stats too. Though my bin is pretty small. I found it easier to use Sheets to quickly jot down stuff I would forget or lose later :P Oh like ordering a specific part because you think you are out of them, and …

Re: Collecting rants

That's a really nice way to catalogue a big box collection, with their actual scans and you can view it from anywhere. It really pays to be patient, sometimes even years to get a good price for the sought after stuff. Sometimes the rare stuff are still around but just hidden and forgotten in …

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