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Re: Pentium MMX 450MHz

Just for the record, screen shots of K6-2 and K6-3 running on the same mainboard with the same settings. write performance in MB/s K6-2 K6-3 Tillamook L1 MMX 2425.74 2489.26 169.60 L2 MMX 245.39 1248.84 168.95 L3 MMX 245.34 Mem MMX 110.00 144.89 169.21 BTW why write performance is such BS on many …

Re: Pentium MMX 450MHz

How stable is it running at 450Mhz? The record 533Mhz is said to be done at 3.1V and with air cooling :0 https://hwbot.org/hardware/processors#key=embedded_pentium_mmx_266mhz I wish I had one or two of these CPUs, Maybe its faster than K6 in Half life ! lol Just imagine if Intel made it 180nm and …

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