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Re: Only good browser for XP is MyPal

All this thinking the linux needs a Zillion gigabytes of memory and a 64bit multi core processor is just horseshit. Jessie runs just fine on 256megs of ram. Windows Managers such as Window Maker, the Gnome 2 replacement MATE, XFCE4, ICEWM and a lot more run as fast as there equivalents did over 15 …

Re: Only good browser for XP is MyPal

If a browser allows malware hidden in ads or other scripts, that's a problem in the browser, not the OS. Err... no. You don't seem to have any knowledge about how that works. Malware infection through a browser works by exploiting bugs in the OS. If the OS is not safe, NO application running on it …

Re: Only good browser for XP is MyPal

No offence, but anyone accessing the Web with XP or older should be flogged. No matter which browser, that's just irresponsible. No offense, but this is just stupid, stupid FUD. They are actually trying to do you a favour by pointing out the obvious, this isn't someone being a killjoy, it is common …

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