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Re: What does it take to replace an Intel 10 MHz 286 with a Harris 12 MHz 286? Hopefully... nothing?

Most of these machines have a NMOS 286 which is like a little furnace. If that 12MHz Harris part is a CMOS one, it'll run waaaay cooler. This is one thing I will do in my Toshiba T3200 once I replace the LCC with PLCC socket in it, I may not get more speed but I definitely get less heat/power use.

Re: SimCity Classic - corrupt font

As far as I know, it is due to the VGA BIOS lacking 8x14 font in it, which a lot of later chipsets started to omit to make room for things like VESA stuff. I think there is a TSR somewhere that helps to fix this issue but I don't remember any details unfortunately.

Re: Can a faster ISA Graphics card be built?

Not really. On the PC, there is no "line cache", so each text line needs to be retrieved for each scan line of the character. For example, on CGA, in high-res text mode, a character takes 8 pixels at 14.318MHz pixel clock, which is 1.8 megacharacters/second....... I primarly wrote about the idea of …

Re: Can a faster ISA Graphics card be built?

A shared memory architecture, isn't that something the PC Jr did use once ? But without fast, dual-ported chips? Generaly speaking, assuming that the CPU and graphics chip would be on same die or chip, like with Cyrix MediaGX (?) or Mx Macs, couldn't this be also an advantage at some point ? I …

Re: Can a faster ISA Graphics card be built?

There's the big complication that the memory bus is usually unavailable, always accessed by the CPU so it is actually difficult to use that data, without some sort of a complicated dual part mechanism that arbitrates the accesses on both sides. Video memory buses are just as busy as any CPU buses …

Re: Can a faster ISA Graphics card be built?

Only practical thing that can be done is overclocking ISA bus from 8MHz to as far as the components allow. All else will require all new software etc. which will never be made, you want all of this to play the games that already exist lol I run ISA at 13.3MHz on one 386 I have, depending on how CPU …

Re: Smoke coming from PAS16

I have been trying to find info about this loss of polarity in tantalum over time and my search yields nothing, I'm most curious about it... But what I did find is that there are filaments growing inside tantalums which can result in catastrophic failures, although in many cases they break down …

Re: Smoke coming from PAS16

I'm pretty sure this applies to electrolythic capacitors in which the oxide layer dissolves into the electrlyte over time when they are not in use. Upon applying power it'll reform again although if it is far to gone it can cause some unpleasant effects, depending on size of the capacitor and how …

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