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Re: My DIY ISA Audio Interface

4580 is sort of japanese version of NE5532, with very similar performance (except 4580 has much higher output current capability). 2100 is a toy compared to those and the MC33078 is inferior to 4580 and 5532 also. What are the 5534 used for ? It isn't normal to use single section opamp unless you …

Re: My DIY ISA Audio Interface

The effects usually aren't gonna be audible but certainly are measurable. But ok, very good. It is very nice to see new hardware being made ~ For opamps I suggest getting NJM4580 or equivalents from other companies, very high performance, lot of current capability and also cheap parts (not RRIO …

Re: My DIY ISA Audio Interface

Very cool ! I do have some concerns about part choice. I see film caps that are in sound path, suggesting striving for superior sound quality, but at the same time everything is made with noisy carbon resistors and not metal film ones, and I think I'm seeing tantalums in audio path also which …

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