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Re: Crystal Audio Chips.. any fans?

Difference between 4231 and 4231A is that A adds a way to turn the chip into a dumb DAC + mixer for some external device. It is something no PC orientated thing uses, they want the controller part to be active too for WSS business.

Re: Cloning the AdLib Gold Surround Sound Module

That part is a clone of Altera's EPM7128SLC and from experience it is severely limited by lack "wiring" type resources. It is going to struggle with a bidirectional IO port which is one reason it got replaced by something else entirely in one test design I built : http://www.tmeeco.eu/HARDWARE/ …

Re: Cloning the AdLib Gold Surround Sound Module

it'd be really fun to clone the Gold! i think the "Gold Ctrl" should be fairly straightforward to implement in an FPGA. or possibly a CPLD, if it is simple. the YMZ263 looks hard to find so it should also go into the FPGA. The Gold CTRL will definitely fit a small CPLD, the only real thing it does …

Re: Cloning the AdLib Gold Surround Sound Module

Adlib Gold SDK specifies two compatibility levels, one that has basic functionality that basically just involves having OPL3 and MMA chip, and one that has mixer and other additional features such as software controlled IRQ and DMA selection. Additionnal features of GSS-Level 2 hardware include a …

Re: PC/PCI aka SBLink specification

SERIRQ is the same as one on LPC. DMA lines are a special protocol, not related to the LPC bus. From what I remember the actual DMA signals are passed through ADxx lines on the cycles these signals indicate. But I may be wrong, I don't remember anymore and I might be mixing it up with something else …

Re: Creative PnP EEPROM collection

I didn't use any software, I dumped them by desoldering the chips and popping them into a dedicated programmer device. It would be possible to read all the EEPROMs of any PnP device as part of the PnP process though but I don't know if any software exists specifically for it.

Re: USB Floppy

I use "Y-E Data USB-FDC" (as they appear in device manager) floppy drives, they support both 720 and 1.44 floppies and are faster than regular drives too. You can even hear them spin faster. I have one that is Toshiba branded and just today got two that are Fujitsu branded (of one will find a new …

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