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Re: ATI Mobility 7500 Issues... Are these rubbish??

Does anyone have any experience with this chip? Best drivers advice maybe? I really like this machine and want it to work but im losing my mind with it now. Yes, I have it. I've run more than a few games but not the ones you mentioned. My driver version (WinXP): ATI Technologies Inc. 2005/06/07 6. …

Re: Motherboard and PSU for 24/7 run?

in Milliways
I've seen high durability portable PCs but don't recall seeing anything specifically marketed that way for desktop. Anything that isn't complete junk should be able to run 24/7. You just have to be mindful of thermal and mechanical stresses. Don't use components that get super hot. Don't use some …

Re: MIDI to VGM translator

Tested a couple of Sound Blaster 16 cards and found that one of them would only play OPL2 stuff, seemingly because of register initialization when switching to OPL3 mode. OPL3 tracks now clear register 8 and don't try to clear register 0xBD in part 2. (It's not clear from OPL3 Programmer's Guide …

Re: VGA custom character mode for Gameboy emulation

So you want a 256x256 pixel buffer, using a character mode which represents two gameboy pixels using one (8x3) character? That would mean a 128x256 text mode. Isn't there only a 32KB memory area available for text modes? At 0xB800 segment? Since the gameboy has only 4 gray levels, I bet you could …

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