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Re: Playing video as the game story, but how?

in Milliways
What OS? Under Windows you can use the API in AVIFIL32.DLL to decode video using whatever codecs are available on the system. That could be old stuff like Indeo/Cinepak or newer ones like VP8. You probably want to steer clear of any that are patent encumbered. Otherwise, maybe you could incorporate …

a little something bugging me... GeForce GT 430/440

The GeForce GT 430/440 based on the GF108 chip is specified for 96 shaders, 16 texture units, and 4 ROPs. That last part has always stuck out like a sore thumb for me. Why only 4 ROPs? Is it true? 1) 4 ROPs is a downgrade compared to the previous generation GT 240 and even GT 220. It is less than …

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