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Re: Sound card for Windows NT 3.51

Did you find NT 3.51 drivers for those cards and try to install them? Or you have no driver at all? I got PCM sound working on Realtek AC'97 by manually installing a driver for NT4 into NT 3.51, but this is integrated sound on an i855 board, not a PCI card.

Re: Mode Q timings

Most emulators back then (eg. NESticle) had 256x modes that used the same pixel clock as standard VGA and just had fat borders on the left and right. But there were one or two (Magic Engine?) which somehow configured a full screen 256x240 which was cool but didn't work on every system even with a …

Re: Fix aspect ratio on Nvidia drivers.

Try using the monitor's OSD to see what resolution it is detecting. That should tell you whether it is the monitor or the video card that is rescaling. My bet is that the 780ti is doing the rescaling from 640x480 to the monitor's native resolution and that's why the aspect ratio is incorrect. …

using external monitor on iMac?

I know very little about Apple stuff in general, and I received an 800MHz iMac with a busted screen. Small areas of the screen are still visible so I can tell that it boots up, but when I plug in an SVGA monitor using an adaptor for the proprietary Apple VGA port there is no signal. I was wondering …

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