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Re: Fix aspect ratio on Nvidia drivers.

Try using the monitor's OSD to see what resolution it is detecting. That should tell you whether it is the monitor or the video card that is rescaling. My bet is that the 780ti is doing the rescaling from 640x480 to the monitor's native resolution and that's why the aspect ratio is incorrect. …

using external monitor on iMac?

I know very little about Apple stuff in general, and I received an 800MHz iMac with a busted screen. Small areas of the screen are still visible so I can tell that it boots up, but when I plug in an SVGA monitor using an adaptor for the proprietary Apple VGA port there is no signal. I was wondering …

Re: This file builds a 32Bit MS-DOS

Interesting. The unstated part of this is that after copying a few Windows files (win9x? win95 only?) to the 32bd directory, you then can go in there and run "WIN" but because krnl386 has been replaced by command.com it dumps you at a V86 mode command prompt without fully booting. Tried it on my 486 …

Re: Period appropriate CRT monitors?

My Chuntex VL700 monitor was made in 1997. It is specced for 69KHz hsync, which includes 1024x768x85Hz or 1280x1024x60Hz. I was able to push it to 1280x960x70Hz with nVidia drivers. 1152x864 was good too. This is on a screen with 16" viewable area.

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