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Re: Windows 3.11 on a 386SX

Hm. I don't have a copy of these titles, but judging from the video at YT, the frame rate back then wasn't high. However, they shouldn't be choppy. Maybe it helps running SmartDrive with the CD-ROM parameter, so it will cache the CD-ROM, too. Or maybe the CD-ROM drive is spinning up and down ? If …

Re: Windows 3.11 on a 386SX

Well, it depends on the point of view, I guess. :) I played most games in that era on a 286-12 w/ 4MiB of RAM and was satisfied with the performance. The other specs were a PAS16 w/ CD-ROM, an 80MB Conner HDD (40MB usable), HP Laser Jet+, Mustek (?) Handy Scanner, Commodore mouse pad, Since it was …

Re: AMD K6 Quake2 and Quake 3, aiming for stars.

Do you have a PCI sound card you could try? If I remember correctly from back in the day, ISA sound cards can kill performance compared to PCI sound cards. A Sound Blaster Live! / Audigy / Audigy 2 would be good choices for games in Windows. An Aureal Vortex 2 would also probably be fine. I really …

Re: SVGA/VESA Emulator for DOS?

I have a suggestion, upgrade your videocard. $15 on ebay and your in business. It’s clear no one hear has heard of generic software that can reduce the color depth or remap svga modes to Vga modes. Short of someone patching NFS to bypass the menus, what you are asking for isn’t practical.

Re: Athlon XP meets PCI Express Adapter

I can't imagine a faster card would perform much better, there's a reason modern cards aren't made for PCI. I guess you might save a little money since PCI versions of Geforce 8400 / GT430 are tough to find and cost a premium. A fast AGP card would match that system fine.

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