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Gonbes 8200 power supply?

I just got a Gonbes 8200 video converter as well as a GGLabs RGBI to RGBA adapter. I'm currently using my 1084S with my Tandy 1000HX for video, but I want to preserve my 1084S (and have other machines I want to use it with) so I got the video adapter to use the Tandy with one of my 4:3 VGA LCDs. The …

CGA Cable for 1084S

I just got myself a Tandy 1000hx. The only monitor I have that can work with it is a 1084S that's been sitting in the closet for 8 years; it was working when I put it in there. I opened it up yesterday, and it appears fine; a little bit of dust, no bulging caps, no residue from leaks, no rust or …

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