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Fixing geforce cards

So I have a few geforce 2,3,256 etc cards that display have vertical lines, or stripes. It varies in severity per card. I read this is usually because the vram has gone bad. But I do not know enough about fixing these cards to know any better. Would soldering new ram on a card with those kinda …

Re: How did the PowerPC G4 chips from 1999-2002 compare to Intel /K7 CPUs of the era?

pretty biased benchmarks and obviously when you are testing 2 different CPUs you use the same graphics card on both. But also I would of liked to see some productivity benchmarks, no one is buying a mac to game on. I saw the 2nd graphs and its beat by a P4 1.6ghz. so pretty much a 1.4 Tualatin would …

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