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Replaced Upscaled Textures missing

https://youtu.be/4v0MZ69O-Go In this video you can see some custom textures are failed to load, not sure why it happens, is it due to graphics driver or maybe peixoto patch fails to load them because of size of textures (they are all 4k)? You can see in video that if i press windows button and go …

Upresed Textures using Ai gigapixel

Whole game upresed with using Ai gigapixel, not perfect, but i think it looks pretty good. Here is download link to all textures: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HnYDY-2GwCaKukgNywr8VsOFLiu2IFxz/view?usp=sharing be free to download and try it. I noticed issues with textures failed to load sometimes …

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