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Re: The Grand OPL3 Comparison Run!

As to OPL3 functionality, you have a few different options. These are a few that are well tested, commonly available, and inexpensive: The excellent OPL3LPT should also be mentioned, when talking about OPL3. It goes to the LPT port and has a real YMF262 soundchip in it, and it sounds great. …

Re: OPL3LPT : OPL3 FM Synthesis on parallel port

thanks for the deep analysis, You welcome. don't look at the waveforms, purely judge by your ears. Well, I am a visual (as well as aural) individual, I need to always see everything in detail. So I'll always be looking to get more information. I had to record these sounds to wavs to be able to …

Re: OPL3LPT : OPL3 FM Synthesis on parallel port

> Hi all, Hi! > Can you listen and compare the 3 tracks in this playlist ? Affirmative. > Which track sounds best, and why ? The differences are quite subtle. I'd say B sounds like OPL2 instead of OPL3, and A and C sound very similar to each other. B also looks different from the others, while also …

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