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Re: Apple's conversion to 64 Bit

OK I downloaded the program from source forge.net. Now how do I set it up to be exactly like 0.74-1? I see the downloaded file .dmg in Finder and when I click on it it opens in the default display size, speed etc and places an icon on my dock. But I don't see a file in my applications folder. I …

Re: Keymapper for Mac

Turns out that the "Clear" key is the numeral lock button. Who'd have guessed. Every time I run DosBox I have to hit the Clear key to enable the number keys. Can anybody tell me how to put that in the auto exec.bat file to set it automatically?

Re: Keymapper for Mac

OK next question. I just bought an extended Apple keyboard. Everything seems to work OK except the numeric keys on the right side don't work in DosBox. They work fine on normal programs, excel, word etc. If it was a windows keyboard I'd look for the NumLock key but there is no such key on this …

Re: Keymapper for Mac

Found it! It was in a hidden file that I did not have permissions to find or open. Gave myself the required permissions and now it works. Thanks for guiding me through it. One last question, in the auto exec.bat commands how do I exit the dosbox when I'm finished with the program? I but "exit" in …

Re: Keymapper for Mac

Yes this was for DosBox. I totally asked the wrong question. Here's the scoop. I'm moving from a Windows based machine to a new iMac. On my windows machine the guy who set it up originally installed DosBox and wrote a few lines in the config file to allow DosBox to open the program by double …

Keymapper for Mac

Can anybody help me with key mapping on my Mac. I can mount the drive and navigate to my program manually but can't figure out how to get there automatically with one click. Help please?!

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