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Help with Roland Sysex

in SoftMPU
Hi. I'm going crasy trying to solve this issue; What I'm using is: 1) Falcosoft Midi Player 2) Loopmidi 3) Midi-OX 4) External Synth Roland Integra-7 What I would like to do is this: With midi-oX I can, with "Data Mapping" features intercept the Program Change. Once I've the program change (as I use …

Help with MidiOX

Hi, i hope this is the correct section to post this message. I'm trying to using MidiOX for the following purpose: I'm using Hoot Player to recording GM, and MT-32 soundtrack from Sharp x68000 and Nec PC98 Games. Until now, i've used Hoot Player directly connected to a Synth and than i've recorded …

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