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AWE64 CT4380 repair - anyone got one?

Afternoon folks - hopefully a quick one, purchased a CT4380 AWE64 card off eBay as “PC won’t boot when inserted”. Normally wouldn’t pay much for anything with an unknown issue like this but I could see physical damage to the card in the photos that looked like an easy fix. Turned out that meant a …

Re: Your Mothership PC Components

This is bringing some memories of my old systems back! The first computer we had was a P1 - a family computer so don’t know much about it. First computer I owned myself was a Dell Optiplex GX110 I think, with a PII. Was really fond of that computer and quite gutted when a family member threw it out, …

Re: 486 eBay pickup - new project!

Have been messing around with my Dreamblaster X2GS and it's absolutely great, the GS bank feels just perfect for a 90s MIDI experience. The Buran bank sounds incredible (for MIDI) in terms of realism but just doesn't seem to fit with retro games as nicely. Yet to play around with any other sound …

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