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Re: NT3.51 Just turned 25 Today!

... Have a soft spot for early Compaq servers and both the Proliant 6400 and 8000 are 4 way Pentium Pro systems. Compaq's earliest 8 way servers didn't come out until the P3 era, at least on the Intel side of things. Proliant 6400 and 8000 are both PIII. 6400 has up to 4, 8000 and 8500 had up to 8 …


I have quite a number of LPXsystems in my collection. I once successfully upgraded a 286er ITOS system by use of an IBM valuepoint 486 VLB board and riser. When swapping boards you need to check carefully the motherbard standoffs, not to cause any shorts. As it was written before LPX boards can be …

Re: EISA Graphics / Video Cards

Looking for something else I stumbled across this beauty I allready forgot about. The before mentioned Matrox Magic. Anybody has an idea what graphic chip is hiding under the heatsink? Still not sure if it is a graphics board or a framegrabber due to the large number of asics. I did not prove it …

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