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Re: Windows 3.11 on new hardware

in DOS
Windows 3.11 (not for Workgroups) and running in standard mode solved everything. Thanks! Is there a way to make this permanent? Or do I need to remain using win /S Try creating a batch file, such as "win.bat" and place it in a directory listed under the "SET PATH=" variable in AUTOEXEC.BAT. Try …

Re: Suggestion for short voodoo card

I believe all voodoo1's and 2's are pretty much the same size/design, I maybe wrong though. I'd avoid putting 2 voodoo2's in there, even if they did fit. A PCI voodoo3 + extra cooling should be just fine if the v1 and v2 don't fit. It compromises DOS glide games compatibility but if it's the only …

Re: List of Currently Free Games

Panzer General Forever An excellent fan remake of Panzer General and Allied General designed for Windows XP, but reportedly works on Windows 2000 as well. The developer later went on to work on The commercial game Panzer Corps for Slitherine as a result of this work. F7FA93B8-AEA4-4BD9-800D- …

DOREMiDi MERGE - Anyone used one?

The DOREMiDi MERGE-5 Input 2 MIDI Interface Box Output USB Power Adapter Controller. These seem fairly plentiful after a short google search, but I'm interested if anyone here has used them successfully with retro builds. Does it play nice with things like sysex and intelligent mode MPU-401? I …

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