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Re: Best CGA & Hercules games

https://www.mobygames.com/images/shots/l/169-the-ancient-art-of-war-dos-screenshot-title-screen.gif How could you guys not be talking about The Ancient Art of War in it's CGA glory ? It's a lovely game, thank you for sharing. How does it look in monochrome? Can it be emulated on Hercules? I used to …

Re: Games for Hercules monitor

How about you don't have a graphic card but, just a Monochrome Display Adapter ? You can play games but in ascii. You could try the first Wizardry as an example. I can't find pictures of what it looked like ... But it was pretty playable, I spent countless hours on it !

Re: DOS 6.22 / Windows 95 dual boot.

in Milliways
My "easy" way is the following : Partition the first hard disk of the PC (using a floppy with DOS 6.22 and fdisk) with FAT16 2GB partitions (4 partitions maximum per hard disk) and format. Then install Windows 9X on C: When I need DOS6.22, I simply insert a DOS 6.22 floppy (with all relevant DOS …

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