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Re: DreamBlaster X16 Release

1 gigabyte flash would mean that my JummBox SoundFont would be able to fit. Oh and funnily enough, the SoundFont specification in Section 11 has a hidden feature called "Silicon SoundFonts", which is a header addendum (more of a prefix) designed around putting SoundFonts onto memory chips for use in …

My JummBox Chiptune SoundFont

Here's a SoundFont that the FM fans here will love. It is based on the online libre chiptune synth program JummBox, which has canonical GM patches defined by the author based on SGM (the patches however are synthetic and draw inspiration from certain chiptune phenomena too), but the program didn't …

Re: Unofficial Soundbanks for Dreamblaster X2/X3M

Can someone who is able please port this newly made WTFPL public domain awe32-sized GM compatible acapella soundfont that can be found here: https://musical-artifacts.com/artifacts/712 over to the dreamblaster. I cannot test this as I do not have a dreamblaster, but I want those who do have one to …

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